"When and where are they?"

Auditions are usually held in either the second or third week of classes, at the Chapel and Cultural Center (on the corner of Burdett Ave and Peoples Ave). The dates for Fall 2019 auditions are Tuesday 9/3 and Thursday 9/5 from 8:30-10:30pm!

"Do I need to sign up if I want to audition? How do I do so?"

Keep an eye out for us at the semesterly activity fair on campus where you can reserve a slot in person, or email us to reserve an audition time. Walk-ins are welcome, but space is limited!

"What is the audition process? Do I need to bring anything with me?"

We ask you to sing approximately 1 minute (or a verse and a chorus) of any song that you feel best shows off your voice. This is done totally a cappella, meaning you sing with no background music or accompaniment. In addition we will have you sing some scales, to test your vocal range. If you have any experience or interest beatboxing, be prepared to show us what you got!

"What happens next?"

If we want to hear more from you, you will be invited to a callback audition, held 12-2pm the Sunday after auditions. At callbacks we test how well you can learn new music, blend with the 'Lyrics, and sing on your own.